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Providing the most convenient and affordable online mental health and wellness professional services for vulnerable communities.


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Live Online Session

Trusted, convenient and affordable online services like psychiatric consultation,  psychotherapy, life coaching, guidance counseling, fitness coaching, spiritual counseling and medical consultation.

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Psychosocial Support Services

Customized design for groups or teams aiming to address mental health and psychosocial support needs of frontliners like health workers, responders, people in quarantine facilities and people with or recovering from COVID-19.



Radha PaudelMDM, MA, MEd, BN

CEO and Founder of the Global South Coalition for Dignified Menstruation, Woman Peacemaker Awardee,

N--Peace Awardee, AIM Alumni Achievement Awardee

Mental health is a cross-cutting issue, and providing easy access to professional mental healthcare and wellness services is crucial. It is also closely linked with dignity during menstruation. The kind of services that Cognitio+ offer pave the way to robust and dignified menstruation. Let's work together for sound mental health to emancipate women, girls, inter and transgender from poverty, injustice, and discrimination not just here in Nepal but also in the global arena. 

The wait is finally over! The people in Pakistan have been waiting for this kind of app and arrangements which Cognitio+ is able to offer. This will definitely serve the interest of mental health and wellness communities across the world. 

Ken-ken Somera

Co-founder of NLP and Hypnosis Academy and Advanced Sales Institute 

A chance for change! That's what you can get with Cognitio+. Connecting with them I got to connect with really awesome people in the mental health circles. As you may get to see, C+ has a lot of partners and collaborations as this is proof that the organization is trusted by notable people in the mental health industry. 

Dessa Villaseñor


Nakakainspire kayo (You are an inspiration). I will definitely recommend you to my friends. Thank you so much for doing this.  

Engr. Muhib Ullah, MDM

International Humanitarian

Practitioner, Mental Health Advocate